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A prevention picture is (not) worth 1000 words

As a knitter and crocheter and generally crafty-ish person, I love Pinterest. Since many of my friends are associated with the ED community, I also get plenty of ED-related stuff in my Pinterest feed. Some of the inspirational stuff I like, some of it just kind of goes in one ear and out the other. […]

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Understanding the quest for the “perfect body”: The links between perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and EDs

Body dissatisfaction and body dysmorphia are some of the most frequently discussed symptoms of EDs. In his work on the “transdiagnostic model” of EDs, Christopher Fairburn asserts that these two features not only unite all of the different ED diagnoses but also are at the heart cause of the disorder. Although I don’t agree with […]

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Rethinking ED Prevention

In honor of the last day of eating disorders awareness week, I thought I would do a post on what we know about preventing EDs. A lot of what is discussed during the week (besides the obvious “awareness” bit) is how to prevent EDs. So for those of you that don’t have much time to […]

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