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The things that take the place of ED

One of the things that helped me the most in recovery was finding something that was as interesting and enthralling for me as the AN once was. As I started to emerge from the AN and from starvation, I needed a reason to keep going. It’s one thing to eat in treatment, but I could […]

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Defining recovery: Life after an eating disorder

So we’ve finally come to the last part of the Defining Recovery series, in which I want to look at what happens to women after recovery. Stopping ED behaviors is, in a sense, a means to an end, which is the creation of a healthy, meaningful life. There’s no real way to get at what […]

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Understanding the quest for the “perfect body”: The links between perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and EDs

Body dissatisfaction and body dysmorphia are some of the most frequently discussed symptoms of EDs. In his work on the “transdiagnostic model” of EDs, Christopher Fairburn asserts that these two features not only unite all of the different ED diagnoses but also are at the heart cause of the disorder. Although I don’t agree with […]

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