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Getting off the scale: Non-weight severity markers in anorexia

One of the most common catchphrases in the eating disorder community is, “It’s Not About the Weight!” Although I’d love nothing more than to change this to “It’s About More Than Just Weight!,” the fact is that, in most cases, treatment for an eating disorder depends mostly on weight. If your BMI doesn’t fall below […]

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Personality-based subtypes of anorexia nervosa

As I’m sure most of my blog readers know, the DSM has two subtypes of anorexia: restricting and binge/purge (abbreviated here as AN-R and AN-BP. Because psychologists love acronyms almost as much as they love asking you about your mother). Behaviorally, they look easy to tell apart. But that’s not always the case. New research […]

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Cuts both ways: Binge/purge and self-harming behaviors in adolescents

Besides the (obvious) binge/purge behaviors, one of the most common features of bulimia is self-harm. A recent study of adolescent ED outpatients found that, overall, around 40% of patients engaged in self-injuring behaviors (Peebles, Wilson, & Lock, 2011). When they broke the data down, the researchers found that approximately 60% of patients with BN self-harmed, […]

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