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Not just small adults: eating disorders in young children

More and more researchers and clinicians are becoming aware of the presence of eating disorders in young children (defined here and in most of the research literature as ED onset at less than 13 years). I have known five-year-olds with full-blown anorexia nervosa. Whether this awareness is due to people developing EDs at an earlier […]

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Picking Apart Picky Eating, Part 1: Selective Eating in Children

“Try it–you’ll like it!” It’s something children and toddlers hear a lot. Most kids go through phases of picky eating, sometimes even fairly extreme. Mostly, this is part of normal development. From an evolutionary standpoint, where not all foods were safe to eat (especially combined with a young child’s desire to put everything they can […]

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When the “healthy eating” message goes very, very wrong

It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing “healthy eating,” anti-obesity, weight loss messages. They’re literally everywhere. Besides the magazines in the grocery store checkout lines, Pinterest boards, and mass media, children are receiving lots of these messages in school. More and more schools, it seems, are limiting sweets that can be brought in for […]

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