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Letting go of the idealized recovery

If you hear some in the eating disorder community talk about recovery, you could be forgiven for thinking that they were trying to get you to buy a timeshare at a resort. Recovery, they say, is where you love yourself. You love your body. You accept your imperfections. Your life is good, so good. You’ve gotten to the root of your […]

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Pluck my life: Hair pulling in eating disorders

I’ve used this blog to confess to all sorts of bizarre behaviors related to my eating disorder, from laxatives to suicide attempts. Lest anyone reading this blog still be under the illusion that an ED is glamorous, let me remind you that it’s not. At all. But I haven’t really discussed one of the things […]

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Anxiety, anorexia, and estrogen: Interpret the links with care

Some research that’s been making the rounds online, as well as on Twitter and Facebook, is the reports of a recent finding that showed an estrogen patch decreases anxiety in AN. It sounds great on the surface: anxiety is a big factor in the development and prepetuation of anorexia, so finding something that would decrease […]

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