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A prevention picture is (not) worth 1000 words

As a knitter and crocheter and generally crafty-ish person, I love Pinterest. Since many of my friends are associated with the ED community, I also get plenty of ED-related stuff in my Pinterest feed. Some of the inspirational stuff I like, some of it just kind of goes in one ear and out the other. […]

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Misguided attempts at prevention for parents

One of the semi-implicit goals of ED Awareness Week is preventing eating disorders. Some of this information is geared towards sufferers themselves, with tell-all stories of how awful eating disorders are so people will know better than to go down that road (I don’t think this works, sorry). Other information is geared towards parents. Sometimes, […]

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Who’s ED Awareness Week for, anyway?

I got this email from one of my readers yesterday, and I thought Bob J. brought up so many valid points in this email. He gave me permission to share it here: One thing I wonder about is who “ED Awareness Week” is really for. ┬áIs it for the public, is it to rouse the […]

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