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Guest Post: Caveat walker–Why ED charity has lost the plot

It’s very rare that I do guest posts here at ED Bites, but occasionally I do make an exception, and this is one of them. The post stemmed from a discussion at the ED Bites Facebook page, and after reading Holly’s eloquent thoughts and views on the subject, I asked her to explain them in […]

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One of these things is like the other: Comparisons between treatment-seeking adolescents and clinical trial participants

One of the cornerstones of ED research–of pretty much all medical research, when you get right down to it–is the clinical trial. You take a group of people with a particular illness, give half of them the treatment and give the other half a placebo or no treatment at all. Then, you compare them. Did […]

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Evidence-Based Medicine and How to Read Research Like a Pro: Part 1

My good friend IrishUp posted an article she wrote on evidence-based medicine in an ED support forum, which will be part of a series on learning how to read and interpret medical research. It’s something we’ve both learned from experience, and Irish graciously allowed me to share her series here at ED Bites. All of […]

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