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Lucky comes later- on surviving suicide

This is not the post I intended to write. I had a separate post planned, something wonderfully nerdy and interesting and ED-related, but then I logged onto Facebook and Twitter tonight and was floored with the news that Robin Williams had committed suicide. It immediately brought me back to when I attempted suicide, not long […]

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Cuts both ways: Binge/purge and self-harming behaviors in adolescents

Besides the (obvious) binge/purge behaviors, one of the most common features of bulimia is self-harm. A recent study of adolescent ED outpatients found that, overall, around 40% of patients engaged in self-injuring behaviors (Peebles, Wilson, & Lock, 2011). When they broke the data down, the researchers found that approximately 60% of patients with BN self-harmed, […]

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EDs Behind Bars: Eating Disorders in Prisoners

Being imprisoned means being deprived of your personal freedoms. In an environment when almost every minutiae of your life is strictly controlled, and where a majority of inmates have some type of pre-existing psychiatric problem, all types of maladaptive behaviors can crop up. You yell, you fight. You’re belligerent. A large number of inmates engage […]

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