“Welcome to the church of my thunder thighs”

In response to the whole Oprah magazine fiasco (see below), women of all shapes and sizes are saying bring on the crop tops.

On Facebook, singer Mary Lambert posted a beautiful 30-point response. But the last point was especially exquisite:

I am my own holy revolution, welcome to the church of my thunder thighs, I am awake and alive, I’ve come to wear all of the crop tops that the glittering world has to offer, I’ve come to dance the shame out of my childhood, I’ve come to win back my joy. You may not snatch it from me like a purse.
I win whether I have a mouth full of pretzels or a mouth full of kale; you have not been granted the privilege to know how I consume my world and what makes me most delight in my skin.
I will glorify the shit out of my body.

While I generally don’t love my body or my appearance, I can and do celebrate what it does for me. And while I am not a fan of crop tops personally (I think they’re terribly uncomfortable and make my body shape look really strange), I do firmly believe that what someone else wears is NOT MY BUSINESS. If you ask for my opinion, I’ll give it. Otherwise? Not my business.

I might not always like my body, but I find it incredibly empowering to own it and accept it, as is, warts, self-injury and surgical scars, and all.

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2 Responses to ““Welcome to the church of my thunder thighs””

  1. Thanks for sharing this, love that quote. Did you see this photo-response amongst the many that were posted on FB? It was by far my favorite: https://www.facebook.com/healthynewskinny/photos/a.171810162841794.32055.142018979154246/916734355016034/?type=1

  2. Beautiful. I read the whole response, and perused the comments below it. They’re great. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. One of the most beautiful things to watch- belly dancers. My favorite thing in a parade or a medieval fair. Beautiful women of all sizes comfortable in their own skin. I just read something about women being connected to their bellies because the belly is a symbol of LIFE- it is where all humans originate- and without the female belly, there is no human race.