NEDIC poster gets it wrong

The National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC) in Canada has just released a photo of their new informational eating disorders poster:

NEDIC poster



Aside from making EDs seem like a stupid teenage romance, it’s just…I can’t…WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?

NEDIC said the point of the campaign was to get people talking. And I also realize that the poster isn’t geared towards people who know they have EDs. It’s geared towards the general public and people who think they might have an ED. Still.

For one, if you want to get people talking, let’s get them talking about the right thing. For another, people with EDs are your support base and annoying or otherwise pissing them off doesn’t strike me as a good business model.

There is just so much wrong with this, I can’t even begin.

What do you think? Share you thoughts in the comments below AND on the NEDIC Facebook page.

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23 Responses to “NEDIC poster gets it wrong”

  1. Considering many ed sufferers have screwed up hunger cues, I do not see how this applies. Many binge eaters feel overly hungry while many anorexics can’t feel hunger at all. How do you make something you can’t accurately feel or interpret into your bff? This poster doesn’t make me feel angry- I just don’t get it. How does it even apply to eds?

    • Further, for people with cue reversal, like me, this could be taken VERY wrong. When my stomach is completely empty, I’m TOTALLY happy to be bffs with that feeling! That’s when I feel the most sane, the most peaceful, the most energetic. But if I see being empty as my bff, doesn’t that just encourage me to stay anorexic b/c I like that feeling and want to keep it around? I am confused about what they could possibly mean y this…

    • One of the many, many reasons I *really* don’t like this poster. It makes EDs sound so sweet and cuddly. Of course they have adaptive functions (decreasing anxiety and depression, etc), but seriously now.

      Controversy I can handle. But at least get the basics right.

  2. I mean…..if you just showed me that line and didn’t tell me where it was from, I’d assume it was a pro-ana line. How is it any different from “hunger hurts but starving works”, really? LOLsob at their complete fail…as per usual…

  3. See, I interpreted it completely wrong, as in mindful eating. I took hunger as in “I want to eat and will let myself eat” is my BFF”.

  4. Isn’t this a thinspiration quote? I do not at all believe it is appropriate to have a damn thinspo quote as your campaign against ED’s. This is insulting and trivialising.

  5. I saw this on the subway last night and had to do a double take. I’m starting to think that they must be focusing in on “pro ana” again but, as per usual they make no distinction between the pro ana movement and eating disorders.
    Eugh, NEDIC you always make me so angry.

    • I had the same reaction on the subway a few days ago, and clearly made a face of shock and disgust as the person next to me looked at me confused. It elicited a visceral response. This is not cool. Total thinspo in my mind. When I first read it before I saw the NEDIC portion, my ed totally lit up and got all excited. Gross. Appalling for an organization that “should know better.”

  6. I suppose this could be called the “mess with their minds” approach. But who needs more of that sort of confusion ?

  7. Love it. ‘Eating disorders’ are, indeed, “like a stupid teenage romance.” This ad will, indeed, get people talking. Clearly that’s happening here. Good on NEDIC for doing something constructive.

    • youtube ‘dana 8 year old anorexic’ and tell me they’re a teen thing. From immature people’s bored minds. I’m actually insulted at your blog.

  8. Not to mention for a lot of us, our eating disorders in fact have NOTHING to do with food. Things like this irritate me.

  9. Like others here, I also interpreted it as ‘hunger’being my bff because when I feel what I think is hunger and I keep that feeling as much as I can for as long as I can via restriction and fasting-then hunger and the physiological signs of it means I am achieving what I wanted to. Does the NEDIC have a big consumer consultant type of basis ? It would be good to know what influenced this and what they are trying to acheive. I don’t do facebook but I guess it may be better explained on their fb page.

  10. I have rarely seen an ad or even news show on eating disorders that sheds an accurate light on the horrible and possibly deadly impact it has. The mental and physical torture a person with an eating disorder faces and how it impacts every part of their life and families. Possibly if they had an ad with a young person having to get a pace maker from their eating disorder or the other mental conditions that often go hand in hand with an ed like OCD it could show more of how serious this is. Just like you would not joke about other health problems I don’t see how joking about this is helpful.
    Whether it be a joke or blaming increase of eating disorders on media I think it lessons how horrible an eating disorder is. It also lessons the mental components and how the brain does get impacted from an eating disorder.
    For the most part people would not risk severe organ issues for example because they want to be a certain size. There is so much more behind it.
    Obviously getting the word out about eating disorders is important but in my opinion if it is done like this it causes more harm then good.

  11. We appreciate the feedback and honesty from everyone who has commented on our newest campaign. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Read our response on the NEDIC blog:

  12. Well, that cuts out all boys with an ED. The day I hear a boy say bff. . .

  13. Thank you for bringing awareness to this!

    I really think that this is extremely inappropriate, on NEDA’s behalf, since THIS is exactly how stigma is created and perpetuated!!

    We at Sized Up are fighting the battle against ED age gender and weight stigma!
    Check us out at

  14. Found this on the ttc. I’m horrified that somebody would approve putting this up. Shame on the ttc and the NEDIC for thinking this would be helpful in any way to those who have an eating disorder. Looks to me like this was a pathetic attempt at something that sparks peoples attention.

  15. Found this on the ttc. I’m horrified that somebody would approve putting this up. Shame on the ttc and the NEDIC for thinking this would be helpful in any way to those who have an eating disorder. Looks to me like this was a pathetic attempt at something that sparks peoples attention…

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